Split update: Tapering day

So guys,

Sitting in bed. Doing absolutely nothing.

Watched the 63B competition this morning supporting Aoife McNeill from Ireland. I met her in Norway last year and we met again here in Split. Hope I see you next year as well girl, you rock!

At 12:30 I had another training. Last one before THE competition. I told you yesterday about the tapering. I was not lying. Yesterday I liked to believe that Yoto made a joke when he said, just play with 35, maybe 45 kg. But he was dead serious. I did 3×3 snatches with 35 kg and after 1 set of 45 kg clean and jerk he said: Monika you finish. Tomorrow is maximum.

Finish!?! I have just started…. Anyway, I was allowed to do one other set, which I managed to record:

From this angle my legs look almost skinny. Note to self: gain mass girl, gain some mass!

So after my training I had a little chat with the Irish, took the bus home. Got competition day groceries in. Took a bath. Installed Uber, because I do not want the stress of waiting for the shuttle bus tomorrow morning. It is time for me to be a world citizen and traveller and start using that Uber app. Just like that app with which you can pay for you parking back home. Don’t have that either. Another note to self.

Still busy watching season 3 from Reign on Netflix. Painted my nail. Afther using gellac for some time they are so ugly, I am not gonna show them. Wanted them red anyway, so now they are still ugly, but red 😉

Did I mention that I am in the same hotel as the Spanish team? These girls are so pretty. Especially Lydia, such a beauty. Another note to self: being under 1.65m and above 75 kg does not look fat. At all.

Well. I weighed exactly 68.0 this morning. So I am going for a bite to eat now. I am ready for tomorrow guys. I am totally gonna enjoy this and try my hardest. I have not set any goals for myself, except for the fact that I do not want to play it safe. I do not want to go home with the thought: What if? No regrets, just maximum effort!

Thank you Pierre for all your coaching and advice on life, thanks Frans to heading me back to the right kg and training dimension, thanks Yoto, Mihaela an Petar for being so kind. Thanks to my family, friends and teammates for all the love and support. Ok, I am gonna stop now, before getting all emotional again. Food Mo, think food!


See ya!



Split update: Tapering day

European Championships Day #3

Hi Guys,

Here we are, day #3.

This morning I went to the competition hall to see Evita Talahatu compete in the 53B category. I was only able to see her snatch attemps, because I had a training at 12.

Evita did a great job! I am proud of you girl, and I really hope you enjoyed this experience. It’s all fun until you walk up those few steps onto that podium and suddenly it’s all you against everything else. You rocked it!

Today’s training was a lighter one. Yesterday I worked up to some decent weights. Today I started with a few easy and fast backsquats, 2 lighter full snatches and 2 medium weight power clean and jerks. Funny that I say easy backsquats, because not long ago – I am talking less than a year – I was afraid of this weight. I was afraid to squat this weight without a spotter and now I am walking up to that bar and squat it easily with speed!

I didn’t realise untill yesterday how jacked my back is…. It is not every day that I record myself from such a weird angle. If only the rest of my body was that ripped…. Oh well, weightlifters need some bodyfat and I feel so much better now as a 69 lifter than last year when I was constantly trying to be 63. No bodyweight stress this time :-)

Mihaela and me

So after my training I watched some of the 58B group, which I think was a really strong group! I took the bus home, had some bad luck, because apparently the bus just left before I arrived at the bus stop so I had to wait for half an hour. I couldn’t help myself and checked my work e-mail which I promised myself (and Berber and Michel – sorry!!) not to do, haha!

Had a late lunch. Took a bath. Watched Netflix in the bath. Got on the scale. Got on the scale again. Because. Well, you can be 2 grams heavier in 30 minutes. What if I hold water….. Bodyweight stress after all and all for nothing, because if anything, my bodyweight is too low. I can hear Pierre saying in the back of my head: You want 68,9 kg on that scale, nothing less! Watched Netflix again. Tried to sleep. Failed. Watched Netflix again. Thank you Netflix for adding season 3 of Reign! Had dinner, which I didn’t like that much, but hey, you can’t have it all. I can get used to this.


So this was my day. Feeling a little bit frustrated because of the tapering in my training. Legs feel restless and ready to compete. Tomorrow will be even worse because I am only allowed to play with the barbell and rest. Oh, and I am allowed to rest. And rest more :-)

So guys, I wish you a nice evening, I think I am gonna watch some Netflix again. Or read something. See you tomorrow :-)



European Championships Day #3

EWC2017 Day #2

Hi Guys,

So today was my first full day in Split. My hotel is really nice.

Last evening I didn’t do much. I bought some bottles of water just outside the hotel. Took a nice long shower, watched Netflix and then I went to sleep.

This morning I took it easy. Had breakfast, went back to my hotelroom, read a little bit, tried a new nailpolish, read some more, did some foamrolling and around 12:00 I took the bus to the training- and competition hall. Every 30 minutes there is a shuttle bus, that stops at every athlete-hotel and competition hall. There is an official scale at my hotel, so everything has been taken care of perfectly.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from today’s training. I never met Yoto, or the girl I am training with. I even was a little nervous. What would he think of me. Back home weightlifing is not a big sport, so you never know what to expect outside of the Netherlands. Except for the fact that everyone is a beast!

My nerves were completely unnecessary, because Yoto, Mihaela and Peter were really really nice and welcoming. I worked up to a decent ‘heavy’ snatch and clean and jerk and finished with some easy and fast single frontsquats.


So here is a picture with me and Yoto. He was really nice and I felt really honored to train with him today!

I was pretty satisfied with my first training here. I send some vids to Pierre, and I think he was pretty happy with my training as well :-)

After the training we watched the opening ceremony. Which was pretty cool, nothing special but last year I didn’t get to see it and I felt more engaged and aware of the competition I am attending after watching this. I am not really a patriot, but hearing them announce the Netherlands felt kind of special!

After the ceremony we watched some of the competition and then I took the bus to my hotel. Again a long shower, some food and now chill.

Michaela gave me a Croaion t-shirst, so I guess I fit the team now 😉


I am gonna chill for a bit. Tomorrow is a new day!



EWC2017 Day #2

Arrived in Split!

Hi Guys!

So I arrived in Split today. It was a pretty long day of travelling.
First I had to take a flight to MĂŒnchen, then a connecting flight to Split.

Funny thing. Last year we had to wait like half a day at the airport in Bergen for our transfer to Förde were Europeans were held. We met a really nice Irish girl during our wait there. As I used the toilet between the connecting flights, I just bumped into her and a few other members of the Irish team, so that was really cool.

From Split we were taken to the main hotel, from where a shuttle bus took us to the actual hotel where I am staying. Apparently, this hotel is in the old city center of Split. However, I do not want to spoil my le20170401_165816gs by taking a long walk and explore Split, so that will have to wait 😉
If I ever get the chance, because I want to see all the other weightclasses compete as well, obviously!

As most of you already know, Pierre will be in Thailand with Enzo Kuworge for the Youth World Championships. This means Pierre is unable to coach me here in Split. Which stressed me out very much in the last week. Luckily Pierre got me a really really good coach. Yoto Yotov (follow the link), a Bulgarian weightlifter and coach of the Croatian team will coach me this week. And I am honored. I mean, your own coach is obviously the best. Believe me, you need your own coach at a competition like this like you need your mom’s chicken soup when your ill. But if your coach is not able to be there, then as a Dutchie, relatively new to the international weightlifting scene, being coached by Yoto Yotov is just freakin’ awesome!

I allready have been in contact with one of the Croatian girls. She is making me feel so welcome and I really needed that.

So well, that’s day one in a nutshell. I left out all the emotional stupid stuff. Like I almost cried when I left home…. I will come back on that emotional part of competing. I am just thinking how to put it in words and not make it sound stupid (which it maybe is…..). Because I am quite an emotional person, contrary to what many people think. To many people I come across like an icequeen. I am not, I assure you :-) But I will save that for another post.

Take care, love,



Arrived in Split!

Last Bundesliga teamcompetition

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I had my last teamcompetition of this season in the 2nd Bundesliga. We had some bad luck in our team, so the results were not as we hoped for. Nevertheless, we had a great season as a team and a great experience in our first year of competing in the National Liga from Germany.

I am saying this, because it really matters if you compete in your region, or if you travel for 10 or more hours by bus and have to compete right after travelling and sitting for so many hours. It matters. Remember my famous snatch fail movie in which I dropped a 70 kg barbell right off the podium? That was our first away-match. And a great lesson for me. You are not in top shape right after travelling for so long…..


Here is a picture of all of us together. I saw my teammates posting it on social media with ‘secondfamily’ as description. They are right. It feels that way. I hope your guys are reading this: thank you for making me feel at home. And teaching me German again.

Back to yesterday. This was my last test for the European Championships. Pierre told me not to hold back and to start with high openers. During warm-up the snatch felt really good. My body position under the bar in catch position was incredible. I missed a 70, did it again and easy. Did another warm-up attempt at 72,5 kg and opened with 74 kg in the competition. That attempt was so easy, I almost powered it.


I mean, look at that bottom position!!! This gave me a lot of confidence so I decided to go for 77 in my second attempt. I missed. I did another warm-up attempt at 77,5 as easy as – you know what – so we decided to go for 79. Which I missed as well.

I was really disappointed because all attemps felt so good, so light, so fast out of the ground…. and had to get myself back together for the clean and jerk.

Frans told me 2 weeks ago that I wasn’t allowed to start under 85 kg with the clean and jerk ever again. He said it with a smile, but I am pretty sure he was damn serious! So I opened with a very ugly 86 kg on the tips of my toes…. Good to know I can handle that weight, when the timing is absolutely off and have to get up from dead! Followed by an easy 89 kg for my second attempt. For my last attempt  I tried to PR, and succeeded! 92 kg in tha pocket.

This competition also made me think. About my last competition in the previous season for Sus Derne. I have come so far. At this time last year , my relationship was hanging on a thread. When I dropped the barbell after my last attempt , I cried like a baby. Because I knew it was over. I thought it was everything I had and it was at that moment. Every decision I made, depended on what I thought he wanted from me.

Boy was I wrong. And how different it is now. From letting other people decide for me, I now choose what I want. Where I want to be. With whom I want to be and what I want to do. And I can tell you, there is no other place I want to be right now, and I would not want my life to be any different than it is now.

I have to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates for that. For making me realise that I am strong and independant and that I can do everything I set my mind to. Off course I need help, love and support. But I trust myself so much more now. And I love that. It makes me a nicer person.

Let’s end with happy thoughts! 2 more pictures!

Thanks for reading!

IMG-20170326-WA0019 IMG-20170326-WA0021

Because acting like a lady is what I do best 😉

Last Bundesliga teamcompetition

Road to Europeans #2

Hi guys!

Guess who is back! It’s me!

Long time no posts. I can sum up hundreds of reasons why, but I am not gonna…. It’s just life. Life happened.

Starting my blog last year I was hoping on becoming THE next famous blogger, but maybe I should stick to weightlifting instead, haha! After the European Championships in Norway I just felt I had nothing to write about here I think. I had a rough time after Europeans and it took me a while to recover from that and to be happy again. To be me again. To be happy with myself again. Only now I can say that I found my way back. And that I am truly happy again. Will I tell you about that road? Not sure yet, maybe I will. If you are interested….

So for now, I am not gonna catch up on last year, I am just gonna start writing  here. About things that keep me busy, things that I love, things that keep me awake at night.

12932682_10204687333102030_1354341837451761860_nHere we go then… Last year I wrote about my one and only chance to represent the Netherlands at a European Championships. I honestly believed that that was my only chance. But guess what, I am having another chance to compete for the Netherlands at a European Championships and that feels A-MA-ZING! I qualified for the European Championships Weightlifting in Split, Croatia. Being able to combine a – more than – fulltime job and a weightlifting career at this level is just a dream come true. I can still do this. My body still allows me to train at this level. The people close around me support me so gooed. This sport brings me to places I would never go otherwise and I meet so many new and cool people.

This April I will travel to Split, Croatia for my second European Championships. And I will take you with me! I am so thrilled!

So guys, follow me, like and share. Help me on my 2nd road to Europeans and to making me that famous fitgirl blogger 😉

Thanks for reading, stay strong and do your squats. Oh and did I say I love you guys? For supporting me?

Till next time! X

Mighty Mo







Road to Europeans #2

Full Day of Eating

Hi Sunshines!

So here my last blog before we leave for Norway. To be honest, I am as stressed as a ehh…. Well I don’t know how to put it. Let’s say that it’s not allowed to say or do anything stupid to me right now, cause I will cry. Hard, loud and long….

I promised a full day of eating so that is what you’ll get today! But first a big shout out to my physical therapist, thanks for the last 2 weeks Bram! You helped me a lot!


I did a full day of eating in preparation for the European Championships. Disclaimer: I do not claim that my diet plan is THE solution. Nor that it is the best in your opinion. This is what works for me. Please keep in mind that this plan is designed to keep my strength and energylevels up, while losing weight. I am gonna be honest. January 1st weigh in was 69,9 kg guys. That means I was a little bit, or a very little bit chubby. My fatpercentage allowed me to loose weight without loosing muscle mass. And off course when loosing weight, you will always loose some muscle…. Right now my weight is on point, which means 63 kg in the morning on an empty stomach. Thanks Martijn for helping me out with my diet, you are really really great!

So this was last wednesday:


For breakfast I usually have bacon and eggs with 2 slices of bread. Lately I have cut the calories down a bit and have 2 slices of bread, with some low fat cheese, deli chicken and a boiled egg. And off course coffee. Strong black please. And tea!


While having breakfast I always always watch YouTube. My guilty pleasure is watching vlogs. And no, I am not ashamed. Absolutely love Beautygloss, Nikki Blackketer, Christian Guzman, Rob Lipset, Anna Nooshin…..


This day I had a morning training. During training I drink water and lemonade with BCAA’s. Lately I am using zero calorie lemonade, cause I like my lemonade very sweet and it saves the calories now 😉 Halfway training I also eat a banana.



And then after training…… Questbar time. I prefer ‘real’ food. But right now this gives me the protein for not too many calories. And I like them. A lot.


Lunch: Overnight oats, with low fat yoghurt, some Optimum Nutrition Protein and blueberries with some greens on the side.


As an afternoon snack I made some protein pancakes. I knew I would be on the road, so I prepared them in the morning. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. As I said before, I prefer ‘real’ food. So when I do not have to be under 63, I will replace this with a slice of bread with chicken or eggs, or ricecrackers with chicken. But for now, this will have to do.


For dinner I had white fish, broccoli and brown rice…. I absolutely loved this meal!


And my last meal of the day: I admit, it does not look pretty at all I know. It looks like a bowl of shit. But it does taste nice! Some cottage cheese (in Dutch: kwark), with Optimum Nutrition protein and Brinta. I believe that’s a more typical Dutch thing, so I am not even sure of the translation. It is used to make porridge, like oats….


So that’s it guys….. Full day of eating!

Stay strong, do your squats!  -X- Mo

Full Day of Eating

T minus 3 weeks

So well. And here we are again. At a stressful T minus 3 weeks. And what a week.

There really is nothing much to say about this week but this one thing: This week was not my week. I got sick. Or better, I admitted that I have been for about a week. So I stayed home for 4 days. I counted them. I cried, I was sad, I even pitied myself. And there was a positive outcome. I do believe that I will make weight at Europeans. Oh boy, did I loose some weight…. For the dutch readers: ‘Elluk nadeel hep zn voordeel‘.

This movie sums it up pretty well. Ok, I tend to make a drama out of it, and I like to dramatize a lot, and to make fun out of myself (actually I don’t, but it’s still funny), you’ll get the point….

And now a brandnew week with brandnew changes! Bring it on! It’s time to suck it up and be a man about it!

Stay strong, do your squats! X, Mo

T minus 3 weeks

T minus 4 weeks – Road to European Championships

Hi guys!

So this was second week week of full training after Nationals and the competition in Germany. I have to admit, I kind of underestimated what impact such an important competition like Nationals has. Not in the first place on my body, my body can handle quite well, but mentally. I thougt I was invincable after snatching 80kg and cleaning 92kg…. But the first day I touched a barbell, it hurt. Mentally. I may have snatched a few 60 kg for singles and did some 75 kg clean and jerks. And. They. Were. Heavy. With that in mind, I was kind of happy with my competition that weekend in Dortmund, where I did 76 kg on the snatch and 88 kg on clean and jerk. Missed it? No worries, check the blog entry before this one 😉

Anyway, back to this week. T minus 4 weeks. 4 guys, 4 weeks. That’s like nothing! Some days I’m really excited and on some days just terrified….

Monday oh monday. I skipped training. I woke up on sunday with a sore throat. I don’t get the flu very often, but if I wake up with a sore throat, I know what time it is. And right now, it’s not the time for being sick.
So, better safe than sorry, I stayed at home…. Needed some persuation from my coach, cause it’s not in my nature to skip anything. Hate that feeling….

Post T minus 4

On the other side…. Dennis and I have been binge-watching The Walking Dead the last few weeks. In the evening when he was training, I played couch potatoe, in which I am starting to get quite good at, and began with a new Netflix serie: Orphan Black. Watch both guys, so cool!

An ultimate low weigh in today! A low 64! Boy was I happy. Still had a little cold, but I got a training in. And a good one! It really feals like I am getting stronger! Did some really heave frontsquats, really heavy powercleans and even heavier pulls.

Like Pierre said: ‘So you can get used to the weight’. Yeah….. Sure as hell not my prettiest face!

Pull 97

Wednesday is official weigh-in day lately at the gym. Before I wanted to go back a weightclass I weighed myself daily, which is far too much I realize. But nowadays, even I think I weigh myself too much, haha! In the morning on an empty stomach, before training, after training, before going to bed. I can almost predict how much I weigh now! And it’s all fun and games untill someone shows up with these kind of scales:


Anyway, bodyweight is on point for this moment, nothing to stress about. But you all know me…

On this note, I do get help with going back a weightclass. Last year I did it al by myself, which resulted in just not eating. And that’s not the way to do it. You want to keep your strength and energylevels up, and maybe even get stronger. Martijn Hoekstra did a really great job helping me with my diet!

I really hated today’s training. I had to do hangsnatches and my legs and lower back really really hurt like hell. I was ready to quit and go home untill Pierre said: I know you’re tired, I know it hurts. Sometimes you got to push through it. So I sucked it up and managed to pull a rabbit out of my head. I did a 74 kg hangsnatch. Double. Went home happy!

Legs still hurt. A lot.
As some of you know, I have had a love-hate relationship with backsquats. It litteraly took me over a year to get from a 97,5 kg backsquat to a 100 kg backsquat. If I knew I would have to do 100 kg backsquats, I would cry – seriously I have cried a lot over those 100 kg backsquats, not a lie. I was absolutely terrified if there was 100 kg on that barbell. It took me another year to just squat 100 kg without bitching about it. For singles. On a good day. If I was lucky.
Lately I have definately been making squat progresses! Huge progresses. Like it finally clicks in my mind. I don’t know. Hell I do know. The difference between now and then is believe and faith. In myself. Selfconfidence. It takes confidence guys to handle weights! I do doubles at 105kg and PR-ed with 110 and 115kg for a single. But then today a 120 kg backsquat happened! I’m telling you: 120 baby. With sore and painful legs. So write this down guys: a 2 times bodyweight backsquat is on my to-do list for this year!

Friday restday. Friday grocery-shopping day. With 2 athletes under one roof and 2 people who find it very important to eat healthy, that is quite the task.


I go grocery shopping once a week. However, during the week I have to go on a mini shopping haul for some veggies, dairy, or deli meat. Which I buy in bulk, but always seem to run out of….

The pain in my legs made me think. I have not done any recovery work lately. Not at all. So I sent I message to my physical therapist if he could do something for me with Europeans in sight. So I am hoping to get an appointment very soon.

The rest of the evening was all about Orphan Black! Dennis went out for drinks with a friend, so it was all me, Thor and Odin!

Saturday was another trainingday. A heavy one. But I was really excited about saturday evening. My friend Noor gave me tickets for Amaluna from Cirque du Soleil so we went to see that show. Amazing. Absolutely loved it! It makes me think every time, why don’t I do this more often…. And then I know…. Something with time and money, haha!


It’s getting boring, I know… Another training day, pretty good one. Making that definate click to a higher base level. Which is good. Still waiting for that huuuuuuge PR though. In the afternoon there were team trails for Nationals in our gym, which our team won! Nice job guys. I tried to vlog that day, I will upload it in a few days!!

See you next week for another update guys! T minus 3 weeks that will be! Whoop whoop!

Stay strong, do your squats, Mo

T minus 4 weeks – Road to European Championships

Vlog Sus Derne – KSV Essen 88

Hi guys!

I’m back with another one in the ‘Mighty Mo competition series’!

The vlogging thing is getting a teeny weeny little better. Apparently, I am a better weightlifter than a vlogger. Anyway, I will learn in time.

Enjoy this one guys. My first magic 100 points in Germany!

In the coming weeks I will be preparing myself for the European Championships. I will keep you updated with weekly diaries from now, I am so excited!!!!!

Stay strong, do your squats and leave a message!

Love, Mo

Vlog Sus Derne – KSV Essen 88