Full Day of Eating

Hi Sunshines!

So here my last blog before we leave for Norway. To be honest, I am as stressed as a ehh…. Well I don’t know how to put it. Let’s say that it’s not allowed to say or do anything stupid to me right now, cause I will cry. Hard, loud and long….

I promised a full day of eating so that is what you’ll get today! But first a big shout out to my physical therapist, thanks for the last 2 weeks Bram! You helped me a lot!


I did a full day of eating in preparation for the European Championships. Disclaimer: I do not claim that my diet plan is THE solution. Nor that it is the best in your opinion. This is what works for me. Please keep in mind that this plan is designed to keep my strength and energylevels up, while losing weight. I am gonna be honest. January 1st weigh in was 69,9 kg guys. That means I was a little bit, or a very little bit chubby. My fatpercentage allowed me to loose weight without loosing muscle mass. And off course when loosing weight, you will always loose some muscle…. Right now my weight is on point, which means 63 kg in the morning on an empty stomach. Thanks Martijn for helping me out with my diet, you are really really great!

So this was last wednesday:


For breakfast I usually have bacon and eggs with 2 slices of bread. Lately I have cut the calories down a bit and have 2 slices of bread, with some low fat cheese, deli chicken and a boiled egg. And off course coffee. Strong black please. And tea!


While having breakfast I always always watch YouTube. My guilty pleasure is watching vlogs. And no, I am not ashamed. Absolutely love Beautygloss, Nikki Blackketer, Christian Guzman, Rob Lipset, Anna Nooshin…..


This day I had a morning training. During training I drink water and lemonade with BCAA’s. Lately I am using zero calorie lemonade, cause I like my lemonade very sweet and it saves the calories now 😉 Halfway training I also eat a banana.



And then after training…… Questbar time. I prefer ‘real’ food. But right now this gives me the protein for not too many calories. And I like them. A lot.


Lunch: Overnight oats, with low fat yoghurt, some Optimum Nutrition Protein and blueberries with some greens on the side.


As an afternoon snack I made some protein pancakes. I knew I would be on the road, so I prepared them in the morning. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. As I said before, I prefer ‘real’ food. So when I do not have to be under 63, I will replace this with a slice of bread with chicken or eggs, or ricecrackers with chicken. But for now, this will have to do.


For dinner I had white fish, broccoli and brown rice…. I absolutely loved this meal!


And my last meal of the day: I admit, it does not look pretty at all I know. It looks like a bowl of shit. But it does taste nice! Some cottage cheese (in Dutch: kwark), with Optimum Nutrition protein and Brinta. I believe that’s a more typical Dutch thing, so I am not even sure of the translation. It is used to make porridge, like oats….


So that’s it guys….. Full day of eating!

Stay strong, do your squats!  -X- Mo

Full Day of Eating

T minus 3 weeks

So well. And here we are again. At a stressful T minus 3 weeks. And what a week.

There really is nothing much to say about this week but this one thing: This week was not my week. I got sick. Or better, I admitted that I have been for about a week. So I stayed home for 4 days. I counted them. I cried, I was sad, I even pitied myself. And there was a positive outcome. I do believe that I will make weight at Europeans. Oh boy, did I loose some weight…. For the dutch readers: ‘Elluk nadeel hep zn voordeel‘.

This movie sums it up pretty well. Ok, I tend to make a drama out of it, and I like to dramatize a lot, and to make fun out of myself (actually I don’t, but it’s still funny), you’ll get the point….

And now a brandnew week with brandnew changes! Bring it on! It’s time to suck it up and be a man about it!

Stay strong, do your squats! X, Mo

T minus 3 weeks

T minus 4 weeks – Road to European Championships

Hi guys!

So this was second week week of full training after Nationals and the competition in Germany. I have to admit, I kind of underestimated what impact such an important competition like Nationals has. Not in the first place on my body, my body can handle quite well, but mentally. I thougt I was invincable after snatching 80kg and cleaning 92kg…. But the first day I touched a barbell, it hurt. Mentally. I may have snatched a few 60 kg for singles and did some 75 kg clean and jerks. And. They. Were. Heavy. With that in mind, I was kind of happy with my competition that weekend in Dortmund, where I did 76 kg on the snatch and 88 kg on clean and jerk. Missed it? No worries, check the blog entry before this one 😉

Anyway, back to this week. T minus 4 weeks. 4 guys, 4 weeks. That’s like nothing! Some days I’m really excited and on some days just terrified….

Monday oh monday. I skipped training. I woke up on sunday with a sore throat. I don’t get the flu very often, but if I wake up with a sore throat, I know what time it is. And right now, it’s not the time for being sick.
So, better safe than sorry, I stayed at home…. Needed some persuation from my coach, cause it’s not in my nature to skip anything. Hate that feeling….

Post T minus 4

On the other side…. Dennis and I have been binge-watching The Walking Dead the last few weeks. In the evening when he was training, I played couch potatoe, in which I am starting to get quite good at, and began with a new Netflix serie: Orphan Black. Watch both guys, so cool!

An ultimate low weigh in today! A low 64! Boy was I happy. Still had a little cold, but I got a training in. And a good one! It really feals like I am getting stronger! Did some really heave frontsquats, really heavy powercleans and even heavier pulls.

Like Pierre said: ‘So you can get used to the weight’. Yeah….. Sure as hell not my prettiest face!

Pull 97

Wednesday is official weigh-in day lately at the gym. Before I wanted to go back a weightclass I weighed myself daily, which is far too much I realize. But nowadays, even I think I weigh myself too much, haha! In the morning on an empty stomach, before training, after training, before going to bed. I can almost predict how much I weigh now! And it’s all fun and games untill someone shows up with these kind of scales:


Anyway, bodyweight is on point for this moment, nothing to stress about. But you all know me…

On this note, I do get help with going back a weightclass. Last year I did it al by myself, which resulted in just not eating. And that’s not the way to do it. You want to keep your strength and energylevels up, and maybe even get stronger. Martijn Hoekstra did a really great job helping me with my diet!

I really hated today’s training. I had to do hangsnatches and my legs and lower back really really hurt like hell. I was ready to quit and go home untill Pierre said: I know you’re tired, I know it hurts. Sometimes you got to push through it. So I sucked it up and managed to pull a rabbit out of my head. I did a 74 kg hangsnatch. Double. Went home happy!

Legs still hurt. A lot.
As some of you know, I have had a love-hate relationship with backsquats. It litteraly took me over a year to get from a 97,5 kg backsquat to a 100 kg backsquat. If I knew I would have to do 100 kg backsquats, I would cry – seriously I have cried a lot over those 100 kg backsquats, not a lie. I was absolutely terrified if there was 100 kg on that barbell. It took me another year to just squat 100 kg without bitching about it. For singles. On a good day. If I was lucky.
Lately I have definately been making squat progresses! Huge progresses. Like it finally clicks in my mind. I don’t know. Hell I do know. The difference between now and then is believe and faith. In myself. Selfconfidence. It takes confidence guys to handle weights! I do doubles at 105kg and PR-ed with 110 and 115kg for a single. But then today a 120 kg backsquat happened! I’m telling you: 120 baby. With sore and painful legs. So write this down guys: a 2 times bodyweight backsquat is on my to-do list for this year!

Friday restday. Friday grocery-shopping day. With 2 athletes under one roof and 2 people who find it very important to eat healthy, that is quite the task.


I go grocery shopping once a week. However, during the week I have to go on a mini shopping haul for some veggies, dairy, or deli meat. Which I buy in bulk, but always seem to run out of….

The pain in my legs made me think. I have not done any recovery work lately. Not at all. So I sent I message to my physical therapist if he could do something for me with Europeans in sight. So I am hoping to get an appointment very soon.

The rest of the evening was all about Orphan Black! Dennis went out for drinks with a friend, so it was all me, Thor and Odin!

Saturday was another trainingday. A heavy one. But I was really excited about saturday evening. My friend Noor gave me tickets for Amaluna from Cirque du Soleil so we went to see that show. Amazing. Absolutely loved it! It makes me think every time, why don’t I do this more often…. And then I know…. Something with time and money, haha!


It’s getting boring, I know… Another training day, pretty good one. Making that definate click to a higher base level. Which is good. Still waiting for that huuuuuuge PR though. In the afternoon there were team trails for Nationals in our gym, which our team won! Nice job guys. I tried to vlog that day, I will upload it in a few days!!

See you next week for another update guys! T minus 3 weeks that will be! Whoop whoop!

Stay strong, do your squats, Mo

T minus 4 weeks – Road to European Championships

Vlog Sus Derne – KSV Essen 88

Hi guys!

I’m back with another one in the ‘Mighty Mo competition series’!

The vlogging thing is getting a teeny weeny little better. Apparently, I am a better weightlifter than a vlogger. Anyway, I will learn in time.

Enjoy this one guys. My first magic 100 points in Germany!

In the coming weeks I will be preparing myself for the European Championships. I will keep you updated with weekly diaries from now, I am so excited!!!!!

Stay strong, do your squats and leave a message!

Love, Mo

Vlog Sus Derne – KSV Essen 88

Dutch Championships Olympic Weightlifting 2016

Hi guys!

So last weekend were the Dutch Championships Olympic Weightlifting as I told you in my last blog. I don’t know if I was very nervous, I was nervous and stressed out off course, but in a good way I think. I knew I was gonna make the 69 kg easy. And this time, I knew I was in good shape, I really really knew and felt it.

You know, I didn’t want to open with a safe weight. I just wanted to lift maxes, new PR’s, the weights I should lift. I didn’t want to go home knowing I could have, should have lift more or better. And honestly, I did what I meant to do. Damn, I even missed my opener, and you know, that only made me better, more hungry, more agressive. It did not scare me. Ok, it scared me for a second to be honest, but I chose not to let it get to me, to turn the negative energy of missing an attempt into a positive energy. To look back at that now, maybe that’s my biggest accomplishment of the day. A mental PR!

I honestly think that that decision is a choice, a habit you need to practise. And maybe I don’t succeed at it very often at this time, but in time I will get better at it.

I made a video of the day, go watch and enjoy!

See you next time and in the mean time, stay strong!

X Mo

Dutch Championships Olympic Weightlifting 2016

Teamcompetition Dortmund and Dutch Championships

Hello strong people!

Back today with a video from my second teamcompetition in Germany. Ok ok, I really have to get my vlogging game on point, but hey, there’s a first for everything right?

This competition went really well! I ended up with 2 competition PR’s, 75 kg on the snatch and 87 kg on the clean and jerk. I came just 2 points short for the magic 100 points, more on that later in a later blog!

We won this match which means we have advanced to the 2nd Bundesliga in Germany. That’s a national competition, so we are pretty excited!

Tomorrow I will be competing in the Dutch Championships in Amsterdam. I am the defending champion under 63 kg. Definately gonna lose that title, because I am a little bit – ok to be honest quite a bit – of a fatty right now, haha! I will weigh in in the -69 weightclass tomorrow, but I am planning on going back to -63 kg.

You know, those evenings before a competition are so weird. As I told you in an earlier blog, I am quite nervous and stressed out before a competition. I have to force myself now to not do anything…… At all. Just sit and relax. And write this blog. I am trying really hard. I mean, with all that energy after a week of tapering in my training, I just want to move and lift things above my head, especially heavy things. I know I’m strong and I know my legs are good, I mean really good. And know it’s important to trust the process I’ve been through and most important, to trust myself.

I will give it my besNK 2016t tomorrow and leave everything I have on the competition platform.

All my food for tomorrow is ready, my singlet and weightlifting shoes are already packed. Nothing to stress about…. So for now I will play this couch-potatoe game for the rest of this evening with our 2 cats Thor and Odin and watch some TV!

Stay strong! Kisses, Mo.

Teamcompetition Dortmund and Dutch Championships

Teamcompetition in Germany

I think it was at the end of last year when my coach asked me if i was interested in competing in the German weightlifting competition. Sus Derne Dortmund asked Waalsport if their athletes are interested because they want to advance to the second Bundesliga, a national competition. Boy was I proud. International competitions are always very nice and they are known to be fierce. Especially in Germany where weightlifting is a big sport.

In December we travelled to Dortmund to meet the team and have a training session. I remember that day pretty well because I set 2 new personal records that day. It must be the water…

The 30th of January was our first matchday. We competed with Sus Derne Dortmund against AC Koln. I was nervous but determined to give it my best. In the end we won by a landslide and I came in 4th overall (out of 12 competitors of which 10 were men).

The atmosphere was intens and electric. the crowd cheared for us as if we were seasoned members of the team. we felt right at home. Our new teammates made us feel very welcome and i hope you read this blog too. Danke schön!

Today, 13th feb is our second match for SuS Derne and it’s massive. If we win, we advance to the second Bundesliga. Our opponent; AC Goliath Mengede, our city neighbour… It’s DERBY TIME…..!

All together!

Am I nervous? Always before competitions. The more competitions I attend, the better I can control my nerves. However, every time just before warmup I get really anxious. I mean, really really anxious. I start asking myself why oh why on earth am I doing this. And it gets worse right before my first attempt. I start to look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost and my breathing goes so fast you might think I just ran a 5k in a new World Record time. Sometimes it even gets to the point that I’m almost starting to cry. Like a fight or flight mode. But that feeling afterwards, right after your attempt and after the competition, that’s priceless. Then you remember why you are putting in all the work. I cannot think of a better reward than that.

Wrapping up this post with a clip of my 86 kg clean and jerk in the match against Köln. Stay strong and leave a message! Oh, and don’t forget to like my Facebook page and to follow me on Instagram for more updates!

X Mo

Teamcompetition in Germany


Vroeger, toen ik nog een klein en lief turnmeisje was, had ik een droom. Ik wilde niks liever dan topturnster worden en naar de Olympische Spelen. Ik fantaseerde over Papendal, waar je toen nog intern ging. Een jaar lang heb ik mogen ruiken aan de turn-topsport. Ik was tien. En als ik zeg vroeger, dan overdrijf ik niet. We hebben het over de tijd van de ‘last perfect ten’. Van Lavinia Milosevici. In Barcelona. Voor de kenners en liefhebbers.

Het mocht niet zijn. Het was allemaal niet ideaal. De Spelen heb ik nooit gehaald. Een Nederlandse titel ook niet. De droom om topsporter te worden werd weggestopt, maar niet vergeten. Want een passie, een droom, kun je onderdrukken maar geloof mij, die blijft altijd bestaan. Vervloekt tot eeuwige jeuk.

Ik had mijn droom opgegeven. Met alle spijt die je je daarbij voor kunt stellen. Ik had het afgesloten en me erbij neerlgelegd. Begonnen aan een leven van werken en sporten. Ik ontdekte CrossFit bij CrossFit Culemborg. Al snel draaide ik op een hoog niveau mee. Ik eindigde drie keer in de top tien van de BeNeLux en kon mee met de Nederlandse top. En daardoor ik werd getriggerd. Ik had een manier gevonden om aan mijn eeuwige jeuk te kunnen krabben.

Op de eerste zaterdag van 2015 liep ik binnen bij de Gewichthefacademie Waalsport. Wat begon met kijken wat mijn vriend Dennis daar nou elke zaterdag urenlang deed, en het willen verbeteren van mijn gewichtheftechniek voor het CrossFit, liep in de loop van 2015 aardig uit de hand. Bij Waalsport werd ik meerdere malen aangemoedigd de overstap naar het gewichtheffen te maken. Believe me, daar had ik als CrossFitter wel even voor nodig. Halverwege 2015 stopte ik met CrossFit en begon ik mezelf gewichtheffer te noemen. Er kwam een NK teams dat wij wonnen. Er kwam een NK individueel en ik mocht EIN-DE-LIJK mezelf Nederlands Kampioen noemen. Alsof ik de bevestiging kreeg die ik altijd heb gezocht. Er was een wedstrijd in Lille waar ik tweede werd. En ik denk dat daar de knop om ging, toen een Engelse coach tegen mij zei: ‘You look like a CrossFitter, but you’re not. This is your sport girl. If you can fucking powerclean 85, what more can you do…’

En voorzichtig werd ook het Europees Kampioenschap Gewichtheffen genoemd. Vet cool natuurlijk, dat hoef ik jou niet te vertellen. En onwerkelijk. En ontzettend ver weg. En natuurlijk zei ik JA. Want er was nog een jaar te gaan, tijd zat. Wat zou ik in die tijd sterker kunnen worden. Toen leek het nog leuk. Nu is het een kwestie van leven of dood. Voor mij dan. Want ik ben een STRESSKIP. Met hoofdletters ja.

And here we are. About 2 months out. Niks is zeker. Zeker mijn deelname aan het EK niet. Deze reis, dit verhaal, wil ik hier met jullie delen. Mijn onzekerheden, mijn angsten, mijn overwinningen, kortom mijn weg naar DE DAG waar ik altijd van gedroomd heb: woensdag 13 april 2016, womens 63 kg, in Forde, Noorwegen.

Stay strong en laat gerust een berichtje achter, vind ik leuk!